Commercial Producer

Cost-Effective Video Marketing

Jay has produced 10 video spots accounting for over 30,000 views on Facebook and YouTube. All of these spots were done with budgets under $1000, often shot in under 1 hour. Functioning as writer, director, voice-over talent, and sound designer, Jay frequently works with videographer Steve Finnestead as Director of Photography and Video Master.

The common technique applied here is a video storyboard with voice-over. This keeps the cost down substantially by limiting the number of takes needed for a particular shot.

When appropriate (see “A Tuna Christmas” and “LUV”), Jay can use his professional comedian chops to add humor to these pieces, substantially boosting their appeal to consumers.

Philosophical questioning, mild narrative, cliff-hanger ending;

 Warm, Reminiscent;

Medium tension, warm resolution;

Over-the-top comedy; Gender changes, broad characters, direct address; Voiceover;

Somber dilemma, compassion;

Cool, laid-back, undercurrent of tension;

Irish Tragedy; Irish dialect voiceover;

Cheesy comedic; 1960’s style, ironic humor;

Heavily narrative style with humorous closer;