First Audition – July 2015


Jay was on a callback for a commercial when Brian McCulley of Hamilton Casting pulled him into an office and pitched the audition to him. The audition occurred the following Saturday. Jay remembers wearing a suit in order to look as much like a high-powered business executive as possible, but when he arrived, was asked to change clothes. He remembers insisting the casting director (which was actually the director Kitty Green) see him in his business attire before he would change out of it. His experience in auditioning for low-budget, indie films had not been particularly fruitful to this point, so he asserted himself in a fairly unconventional way for an auditioning actor to behave. At this point, all Jay knew was this was yet another indie film that would audition for talent and then never come up with the funding to actually shoot anything.

Once the hour long audition process was over (most first auditions are 5 minutes, tops), it was clear something was very different about this project….