First Casting JonBenet Teaser Exclusive to The Today Show – Jan 2017


The Today Show was the exclusive venue for release of the first Casting JonBenet teaser to the world. See Carson Daly’s introduction to the spot here. This was the first release  to national television and then it was instantly released to all media world-wide. Netflix also posted it to YouTube quite quickly, amd that full video is below.

A common reaction was conveyed on “The fact is, it’s not clear whether this scene is of an actual girl named Hanah who was auditioning, or whether this is a girl playing somebody named Hanah who wants to get the part. ” Dirk Libbey of  The article was headlined with The First Clip From Netflix’s JonBenet Ramsey Documentary Is Totally Unnerving”. Other sites labeled the teaser “creepy” or “chilling”.

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